My gratitude list…

Every day is a blessing… Infact ever moment seems like a blessing when I see it with wonder in my eyes and gratitude in my heart!

Here’s my (ever increasing) list of the everday wonders for which I pay my gratitude…

  • The mesmerizing sunrise
  • my cup of coffee
  • the warm embrace of my daughter
  • the care of my mother
  • unwinding at dinner time
  • the support and love of a huge family
  • a flock of birds pecking in my balcony
  • the stray dogs who come upto me for ‘a bite of malai wala paratha’ or a belly-rub
  • the smiling face of my students
  • their innocence that touches my heart
  • the joy of car-pool
  • trek in the Aravallis and the camaraderie with fellow trekkers
  • the bliss of tree climbing…then posting pictures to tease the others!!
  • my bunch of close-friends
  • the calm of Buddhism
  • the warmth of the people around
  • my creative streak…or my ability to create!
  • My daughter in the kitchen…admirable
  • Her neat notebooks…
  • my willingness to work for others
  • My overflowing bookshelf
  • My art supplies
  • Colours
  • Chanting
  • A phone-call
  • Moonlight
  • Greenery…esp. the translucent baby leaves with numerous shades of green during spring season
  • My brilliantly messed-up brain
  • Patience…the latest development

Take inspiration and start with your ‘gratitude list’ or ‘the everyday wonder list’ to pep up your mundane life. Believe me, it is the life changing phenomenon. And when you are ready with your list…like a Good Samaritan inspire others to change their lives….simple!!



  1. Great inspiration step—to always appreciate positivity in Life –Really wonderful write up –Take always brighter side of life😊👍👌💐
    Keep Going my lovely friend /Motivator😊😍

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  2. Dear Charu,
    Nice to read these articles ‘written from ur heart’
    & w.r.t. to this one yep the attitude of gratitude is one of the best habits for us to inculcate!!
    Good luck !!

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