In the best interest of my students…

It’s been eight long months since we last met in the school premises. ‘We’ here means only the teachers. The students had been home for a forthnight more because they had finished with their final exams. They had been enjoying their break after the exams when the Corona outbreak took the world by storm.

This break from the school premises has stretched far too long. When a rubber band or an elastic is stretched for days together, either it snaps or it uses all the elasticity to stretch and with the passage of time takes on the new shape. It changes forever.

Something similar has happened with our kids and it is scary. Initially when the schools closed down there was a wave of euphoria amongst them. Simply because there was no need to wake up early, the school hours were reduced, they didn’t have to fret about the home assignments and for once they were saved from the wrath of the teacher due to the physical distance separating them.

After this wave of euphoria passed, they entered phase two. There was a realisation that the new normal wasn’t fun anymore. They were confined to their homes and under the constant surveillance of parents. No wonder the kids detested being home-bound. Afterall kids are the most free spirited individuals. For them schools is not only about studies. It is also about meeting friends, interacting with their peers, learning new skills, playing games, meeting teachers and numerous other individuals throughout the day. And most importantly they could be their true self. They could be naughty. Play pranks and have fun. Though in phase TWO, while they were staying home, they had free access to the gadgets. Nonetheless they longed to be with their friends and in the bargain, they didn’t mind taking on the wrath of the teacher too.

But unfortunately, this pandemic has stretched far too long. The rubber band is loosing it’s elasticity. Thankfully the band hasn’t snapped. Alternatively it has settled for a new shape which is equally unnerving.

In simple terms, I call it phase 3. I am using simple terms because the obnoxious virus has left an impact on me too. I am yet to get over with the after effects of COVID19. I am fine on the surface but my brain continues to be sluggish. So, bear with my simple words and not so coherent thoughts till I get back to my ‘old’ normal!!

During the THIRD phase, the children have started to prefer the gadgets over their friends, family and school interaction. Every child you notice, is slowly being possessed by the virtual world. They are encapsulated in a world that looks enticing, feels intoxicating and seems far less stressful because they do not have to work to maintain relations. They have curled up in their own cocoon. I think I better rephrase it as ‘they have curled up in the (false) warmth of the cocoon provided by virtual world’.

What’s worrisome is that they are slowly alienating themselves from the real people, real-time activities and the real world and slipping into oblivion. They do not wish to be bothered with a warm hug or any kind of human interaction. The only place they find solace in is the virtual world. Numerous studies over the years have asserted that the screen-time/virtual games have same impact as the drugs. So, no wonder our kids are getting addicted. And what hurts me more is the fact that we blame the kids for going into this cocoon. Aren’t the elders or the Corona virus to be blamed for this rather than the kids?

Some people may argue that it was this virtual world that came to our rescue during the pandemic. I won’t give these people a chance to argue, simply because I agree with them. When the country stepped into the lockdown, we Zoomed into the virtual world to meet our students. Even though the parents and the world at large was anxious and the invisible stress was being felt by the kids, we did not leave them alone. This virtual world gave us the platform to stay connected and to get accustomed to the ‘new normal’ with ease.

But at the same time we can’t deny the detrimental effects of the virtual world. I have seen my students move from one phase to the next. And it bothers me to watch them become listless and serious. They are loosing out on their ‘bachpan’! The repercussion of the virtual world can be far more severe than the Corona virus.

The only option we are left with is to pray for this pandemic to end soon. Let’s pray with all our heart and soul to find a vaccine at the earliest.

And I am also chanting that the children go back to their ‘old’ normal. They should not live this ‘new normal’ a day more.



  1. Excellent article with reality of effects of the Pandemic.

    Not only kids, office goers being rohit of their mindset and thought process are also having similar or more impacted of this (un)warmth cocoon and waiting eagerly to turn into butterfly.

    We all pray for early solution to be back to ‘old normal’.


  2. Dearest Chau
    welcome back
    Yes beautifully written
    And summarized

    It’s very important to not let the fear overcome us

    May you continue to get stronger

    Best wishes to all children and their teachers

    Chitra mausi


  3. Excellent article!!! Very beautifully written. You have caught the pulse of children. Saw how happy my kids were to be back to school here(uk)after their seven months (classes from home).cheers!!!!


  4. Charu dear,you have written straight form the heart……you have felt each word you expressed….one can actually visualise your deep attachment and concern for the students ………appreciate it a lot…..I ,too,am missing my very special students.It is as if my life line has got detached.
    Wish you all the best in getting back to your old self soon.
    Usha Chaujer


  5. Well articulated Charu!

    In my view, the kids are way more resilient and adapt to situations much sooner than the adults.

    This too shall pass and they’ll bounce back into the ‘normal’ within no time as if nothing had happened.

    This ‘new’ isn’t ‘normal’ – period!!


  6. Very well articulated Charu. You’ve so rightly sensed the long term effects of this pandemic on children. Think of the toddlers who were to join school during this period. They are being expected to sit in front of the screen and start their life’s journey with a stranger called ‘teacher’.


  7. very well summarized ….this period has stretched too long.. nobody had expected this…in my opinion, children will take some time to adjust to the original normal conditions when they go back to school.. This new ‘normal’ isn’t very good in long term. you have rightly said, we are seeing visible effects on children because of long term online classes.. hope they rejoin school as soon as possible


  8. Very well put across Ma’am. This Virtual world, that we call the “New Normal” is intriguing as well as scary at the same time…. I dont think we can go back to what we were a year back. This pandemic has changed the human race and our world for ever……


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