The ‘Vibrant Summer World’!!

To escape the sweltering heat of Northern India, each one of us is trying to hide in the nook and crannies of our homes, switch on the ACs and stay away from the high temperatures. Most kids and people end up being couch potatoes.

But are you aware that this heat is the energy source for life to thrive, trees to grow, flowers to bloom and also becomes a perfect incentive for the insects to carry on with their daily chores. If you can’t believe my words, come out of your comfort zones and take a look around. The spring is long gone and yet there are flowers blooming on Gulmohar, Jarul, Pride of India, Amaltas, Bougenville, Mogra, and numerous other trees.

Yes, I am always in awe of the nature and its ways to support various forms of life…the sentient beings, in the harshest of conditions and teaching us a few life-lessons through them…

I am bringing this beautiful and colourful ‘vibrant summer world’ closer to you through my photographs. I am sure after glancing through, you’ll also be tempted to experience them yourself. Take a look around, soak in the different colours that the nature has smeared on its palette just for you, spend time in the ‘vibrant summer world‘, let the heat mingle with your aura, tantalise your senses and make you feel alive!!

Happy ‘vibrant summer world‘ to you too!!


Amaltas…the grand chandeliers

Tesu ke phool…adding vibrance
Bougenvilles’ many shades
Pride of India…adding shades of purple
Gulmohar glowing because of the heat
The fragrant flowers
Ma’s potted plants
Jarul blooming in the sweltering heat
A few more flowers out there: Kaner, pumpkin, kareel, etc.
…not to miss my favourite colour, Green!

24 thoughts on “The ‘Vibrant Summer World’!!

  1. Charu apart from all this flora my sis is also blooming n glowing with her penWOMANship n adding colors in our staid n drab lives


  2. Very well composed. True the vibrant colours of nature are all around us in its full glory. The various hues of green are truly enchanting.
    I am simply in awe of your adventurous spirit and your effort to be amongst the nature.


  3. Excellent pics !! The cactus flowers I saw in your pic was something I saw nearly twenty five years ago at our place.. wonderful to see them through your pics ! Lovely – all of them… Such vibrancy – nature has its own ways of cheering and bringing so much warmth around us !


  4. Dearest Charu
    Thanks for the lovely post, lively colors

    Brought a beautiful and loving breeze

    Colourful pictures each one of them

    Thanks and lots of love

    Chitra Mausi


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