The Nature’s Child

“What if I have a love story? How would it be? What would it be like?”, she asked herself. And suddenly a thought crossed her mind. “Why did she feel the need to begin with a love story in her life? Being single, was she missing having a partner? Did life feel incomplete?”

She had been a loner…always. She had those ideas in her mind…the ones that made her different from the league. The people could never fathom the difference between them and her, but certainly she was not one-of-them. So, was it because of her physical structure that she stood out? But her physique was just like the others. No, it wasn’t the physical aspect of her personality. It was something else, something unique about her. But then, she never claimed that she stood out… She always hid herself behind a curtain of her own thoughts…the thoughts that played in her mind constantly. The thoughts that made her distinctive.

Did her thoughts make her a psychological wreck? Certainly No! She was as normal as you and me and yet she was made of a different kind. She was happy in her own world. One moment she would be listening to you and the very next moment she escaped into her cocoon…away from the hum-drum of regular life, a regular-life-lived-by-regular-people.

Once inside, she would curl up and let all the energy seep into her being from the tiny pores of the cocoon. It was the energy that one gains from the surroundings, from the stillness, when the thoughts are frozen. Everything stops…within too! Every time she stopped, the Nature took over and connected her to the cosmos. Afterall, she was the Nature’s child.