The beautiful land

It was a moment of ‘awe’!

It was a feeling of ‘bliss’ all through!

It was at a place called Chandu near Gurugram. We had gone there for birding. We drove through farms to reach our destination. I parked my car next to the wetland and as I stepped down I was left speechless-spellbound-mindful! I was present in the moment. All my senses came alive. The subtle hues of blue, green and white – caught my eye. The fragrance of moist air tantalised my nose. The nip in the air – oh! I could feel it on my face! It was so sudden; it was harsh. I had the option to turn to the comfort of my car but the serenity outside was far more comforting. Like I said, “I t made me feel alive!”

I was drawn to the birds in the wetland. Their antics kept me engaged. I plodded nearer to them to get a closer look but the moment I went ahead, they waded deeper into the waters. This probed me to move further into the field. I was tempted to step into the shallow murky water, where they were feeding but better sense prevailed and I saved myself from slipping into it. Instead I sat spellbound on the mounds of mud. Sitting there, I was ‘mindful’ of the movements of the birds, the feeling of piercing cold on my cheeks, the vastness of the land covered with green and the beauty of wetland ahead of me!

My friend broke into my reverie only to take me further on the road, into the wetland. Here, the birds of numerous species (naam nahi pataa mujhe 🙈, I just love to be with all of them) moved with carefree abandon. They took flight when we went close, and a few sat in flocks ahead on the road. I wanted to run into them and see them take flight; the child in me came alive! As I looked onto the waters, I noticed numerous swallows (naam nahi pataa tha…friend ne bataya mujhe) take off just above the surface. The sun was out and their feathers glistened in the sunrays. They changed shades as the birds twirled and the rays fell upon them from different angles. I was glued to the place; awestruck and dunno how long I sat there fascinated. The time sat still for a while – there was no movement except for the birds taking flight. Unconsciously, I held out my hand to touch the bird flying past but I took it back instantly, lest I disturb the equilibrium of the land.

In my moments of bliss, I forgot to take pictures but when we started back I clicked a few because I was sure to write about it and share it with you. Unfortunately, the pictures do not do justice either to present the place or to describe my feelings!

This place sounds picturesque from my description but on the contrary it wasn’t so. It was a quiet, simple wetland with farms lined on the eastern border. No, it wasn’t vibrant or eye-catching too. Instead it was a dull mixture of hues of white, blue and brown.

Then, why did I experience my moments of ‘bliss’ in this place? Well, because it was tranquil and limitless. There were no boundaries to confine it. There were no boards or placards to lay acclaim to its existence. It was naturally there! Boundless and serene. Abundant and never-ending. There was life teeming in it but it did not cry hoarse to lay claim over the bounties it provided to the the birds, fishes and other creatures thriving there.

The placid waters of the wetland added to the sense of calm. They did not form ripples or waves to prove their existence. Some birds ducked into them to feed. The others moved over them with ease. The waters responded to their movements, giving them some assurance.

The hues of blue, brown, white and grey – merged into one another, adding to its serenity. Even the colours the birds wore, merged with the core.

The whole biome was in harmony and therein lay the ‘beauty’!


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