The Ancient Science of Mantras by Om Swami

I am born a Hindu; in an Arya Samaj family and for most of the time we were brought up in a bubble isolated from our own culture. I lack knowledge about Hindu mythology except for the limited lessons in CSBE text books. 

I do not know the reasons why I picked up this book. I think I was drawn towards it. And I must admit it was a fascinating read. It added to my limited knowledge about the Hindu mythology and the science of Mantras. 

I am a firm believer in Mantras, the importance of correct pronunciation while chanting them, the purity of mind and dedication of heart while practicing this meditative form. What I wasn’t aware was that there are numerous rituals associated with this Science.

Since I did not pick this book to learn the ways to practice Mantra Sadhna, so I took the liberty to read the chapters at random. Each chapter held my curiosity and endowned me with ample knowledge. The writing was simple, fluid and extremely informative. Each aspect of mantra sadhana was explained in detail.

I was fascinated to know that Mantra sadhana involves various hand mudras (gestures) while chanting the mantra. There are numerous ways in which the mantras are chanted: some silent, few loudly and others in a meditative state. The mantra sadhana involves tantric mantra (and practices) and some mantras are chanted near the funeral pyre too. All the mantras are not meant for every individual; there is a scientific way of selecting the right mantra. There is a method to invoke them and the material required while practicing them is also very specific. There is certain food to be consumed when an adept decides to walk this path. 

All this information and so much more…is given in this book. Om Swami writes about all the essentials and fundamentals of invoking the timeless mantras for material and spiritual fulfilment. He even asserts that in absence of a human guru, this book can work as a perfect guide (and a guru too!)

Since this is the first book I read about mantras, I am in no position to validate the information given but I enjoyed reading this book for its simplicity and the gyan.


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