I Shall Not Hate by Izzeldin Abuelaish

Live life as it comes…and we live each day cribbing about our life!! The everyday woes, complaining about the ‘chalta hai’ attitude of Indians, the bad ass bosses, the low salaries, the arrogant maids, the demanding children… (and the list is endless!!)

Even though I have changed over the years and my tagline has become ‘Every Experience in life should make you Better and not bitter’ but given a chance, even I turn on my ‘Crib Mode’ every once in a while.

And then I read this book ‘I SHALL NOT HATE’…it moved me, it is changing my perspective of our lives in our under-developed India, better known for dirty politics, dirty roads and now the polluted environment. If you read this book by Izzeldin Abuelaish, you would realise that we are living in Jannat.

This man describes his life in Gaza Strip, where he was raised in a refugee camp, he started to work hard from the age of 5 years to support his family and later his studies. There were constant conflicts with Israel, the pain of displacement from their homeland and humiliation on the hands of Israelis and Egyptians even for basic amenities that we take for granted in India.

Everytime the Palestinians take 5 feet forward, they are thrown 15 feet backwards in an abyss. The region has witnessed numerous wars and constant unrest…and yet this man who became a doctor while fighting against all odds, remains positive. He lost his three grown up daughters to these conflicts and yet he has a heart to forgive so that he can lay the foundation of peace in this part of the world…

A must read for each one of us…


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