My tryst with COVID#19

Was I scared of CORONA Virus? Initially when it entered the Indian arena yes, I was paranoid but later it did not perturb me. I went for regular walks early in the morning during the ‘lockdown’ period. As soon as the ‘lockdown’ was over, I started pestering my friends to go on treks. We went out every weekend. A fellow trekker was found COVID+ in June and yet we continued the treks taking all the precautions.

But I must say that once I was unwell, all hell broke loose. COVID wasn’t simple to deal with.

Few facts that might come in handy if you wish to spread some ‘gyan’!!

#1 I had no symptom of COVID19. Just a low grade fever (99-101) for about 12 days that would erupt in the evening and stay till late in the night. The physician was sure that it was just viral fever (once I got all my other tests for Typhoid, malaria as negative). He never prescribed a COVID test for me but I got it done on my own instinct.

#2 I healed with Homeopathy. I did not take any allopathy medicine except Crocin and multi-Vitamins. Yes, I was in doubt but with assurances from my two trusted homeopaths, I was cured and feel much stronger post COVID.

#3 The Gurugram administration officials were in regular touch with me. They called to know my condition. They also called to provide medication or medical assistance, if required. Though scary but I also got a call from the police Station enquiring about my period of Isolation.

#4 The District Administration Gurugram hosted a daily Zoom meeting with the medical officials on board. There was a doctor, a psychologist, and an Ayurveda doctor everyday, to reply to the queries of COVID positive patients who were home quarantined. This meeting helped me a lot. They insisted on NOT taking any medication. Only multi-vitamins, Ayurveda tablets to boost immunity, gargling and steam inhalation. It reinforced my belief in naturopathy and its benefits.

#5 Buy an oximeter. Though it is optional even for a person suffering with COVID, it serves a psychological purpose. Every time you feel breathless which is generally due to anxiety, you can get a statistical assurance of your oxygen level which rarely falls below 94-93.

#6 The period of isolation is extremely depressing and nerve wrecking. Even though I was mentally prepared and self-isolated myself the very first day I had fever but the isolation had a very detrimental impact on me. I was extremely lonely and didn’t know how to pass the time. The anxiety created by COVID also takes a toll while alone.

#7 COVID can play havoc on your mind. After I was done with the fever and started to recover, I was extremely restless and confused. I was not at peace lying down, pacing the room or even talking on the phone. Nothing gave me respite. Later I spoke to 2-3 people who had been COVID positive in the past. They confirmed, they too had become a nervous wreck. Am I glad that the ordeal is over? …certainly!!

#8 For days together, I was not ready to talk about COVID. I would put my phone frequently on ‘Air plane’ mode. I also set a rule: “If you call me, talk anything other than my health issues.” This rule worked wonders.

#9 I was anxious for my mother and daughter’s health. Thankfully they remained unscathed and took very good care of me.

#10 My friends and family eagerly waited in anticipation for my next blog. Their plea was that being ‘room quarantined’ I had all the time in the world to weave the words and write a perfect blog. And here I was lost…and confused…and anxious…waiting for my day when I could break free of the oppressive authority of COVID 😡

#11 The ‘untouchability’ element breaks your spirit. Though it was just Ma and Aamya who were in the house and had to maintain the distance for everyone’s good but it was hard to accept that I had become an ‘untouchable’. It hurt!!

#12 Till yesterday, I was ‘room quarantined’ yet I ventured out alone in my car! Felt the cool breeze on my face, felt the freedom of space and thought!! It was pure bliss. I have learnt to value the simple things in life. The car drive was also an act of defiance against the unwanted authority of COVID.

#13 I am glad that I am through with my ordeal and I will surely be a plasma donor very soon!

#14 The trees are calling out to me…will be climbing one, very soon!!

As of now, I am dealing with exhaustion. But I will come out stronger than before 😊



  1. Yes dear Charu
    Lot of people have mental health issues associated with Corona
    Glad you are doing better
    Chitra Mausi


  2. You are very strong ma’am….Ur active routine has helped you to fight….yes of course Ur mom and Ur daughter are the great supporters…. Nw you are safe…God bless u a healthy life


  3. Very well expressed,I appreciate your high spirits and this experience is great guidance for all!
    Secondly I would like to inform you that my. Father-in law admired English language written by you.he was greatly impressed .
    God bless you ,Aunty and Aamya.


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