How can we reduce pollution?

It is an important lesson that has to be taught to our kids in school like many other chapters. I tried to do that BUT of all the solutions given in the text books or on the internet which the kids seem to have parroted, none seems to actually provide a workable solution. They are merely sermons…sermons delivered…sermons heard…and sermons forgotten!!

The best way to reduce pollution is to be a MINIMALIST!! Surprisingly, none of the books or articles list it as a solution. Yup, because it doesn’t go in the favour of the Industrial World we live in!

The day we reduce our needs, we buy less, we create much lesser dump, the carbon print is reduced and as a result we reduce pollution…as simple as that!!

The day I become a minimalist, I transform my life. I not only reduce waste but reduce my worries and there is a surge in the positive energy…something that I have started to experience!!

My endeavour is to let each child who touches my life, experience this wonderful Energy…the surge…the positivity…the simplicity…the power of being a Minimalist!!

So once again…
How can we reduce pollution?

Be a minimalist…


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