Can we ‘lock down’ the Nature…?

Today, as I woke up in the morning, I could hear the joyful chirping of the birds. I closed my eyes for a few more minutes to enjoy the melodious exuberance. The ‘lock down’ has made me more appreciative about the gifts of Nature and I am sure the same goes for you.

The ‘lockdown’ began last Sunday. Almost all human activity STOPPED, but the mother Nature kept working diligently. The birds were chirping today, the way they were chirping yesterday and the day before yesterday. The lockdown has minimized the noises, the hum-drum of the daily activities of humans, to a minimal. It is in this moment of solitude we notice that there is life throbbing in the background, all around us. Nature is constantly working like a 24X7 channel. The only difference is that it doesn’t create noise as it takes on its daily chores. Neither does it make claims of the favours it does for you and me.

Since the lockdown, I have noticed few posters like this one, stating that the Earth is on the repair mode or it has slowed down, or it has ‘locked down’. It is just another misconception that we have created.

The birds are chirping. They are flying everywhere, to look for twigs and leaves to build their nests. Afterall, they have plans to increase their brood.

Every day new leaves are popping up on the trees and plants. They are breathing in the fresh air. They are strengthening themselves, to nurture the plant with the food they would eventually prepare.

The spring is still in in the air. The flowers of numerous colours and hues are blooming. They are enticing the bees, butterflies and other insects to their bosom. They too are making all the preparations to reproduce.

The ants are stowing away food for later. The bees are preparing nectar to sustain themselves. The insects are multiplying at the same rate as earlier.

And, and…the Earth is constantly revolving. The spring would soon give way to autumn. The rotation of the Earth hasn’t ceased. It is continuously churning out the days and nights.

The Earth is constantly, silently, diligently working!! The Earth can’t fathom the meaning of the word ‘lockdown’ that humans have created to save themselves!!

It is we, the humans who are in the ‘repair’ mode. Our lives had to come to a stand-still. We are the ones who were forced to punch on the ‘Pause’ button fervently, lest the Corona virus catches us unprepared!

Some people in their ignorance have claimed that the Nature is seeking ‘Revenge’! Really? Mother Nature is too magnanimous and mighty to resort to take revenge. While writing this line, the picture of my nani(grandmother) started floating in front of my eyes. Just like the Earth, she has nurtured us from the time we were born. She cooked sumptuous meals for us. She was always available with a big smile and arms out stretched to give a warm embrace. She would tell us stories (unfortunately my nani’s story bank was limited to Swarn hiran or raja Harishchandra) and sing lullabies. As we grew up and we became busy in our world, we forgot all the sacrifices and favours she did for us. In the teenage years, we must have rebelled against her. Slowly, the distance between us grew. She slowed down with the passage of time and we did not bother to press that ‘Pause’ button to walk besides her. But do you think she would ever avenge this indifference on our part? No! Never! Why? Did I hear you mumble the words, “she is too magnanimous and strong to take revenge”? Exactly!!

The same goes for our selfless, generous and forgiving mother Nature (supported by the Earth). It can never avenge our actions. The Earth has been here since billions of years. It supported the Ice Age, nurtured humongous dinosaurs. It also survived the impact of asteroids in the past. Then the Earth further evolved and humans started to walk on it. They spread their wings, claimed the bounties of Nature and later exploited them.

The planet is, was and always will be stronger than us. We can’t destroy it; if we overstep the mark, the planet will simply erase us from its surface and carry on existing.

Paulo Coelho

We have learnt our lessons, realised our follies. And now, the humans are the ones who will heal the Nature. Yes, collectively we will lockdown our arrogance, our pride, our indifference and cultivate compassion, positivity to coexist with the other creatures on this Earth! The ‘lock down’ is the right opportunity. It has given us time to think, reflect and assess our actions. Our inaction is already healing the environment. Let’s make a firm resolve to be minimalists and live in harmony with the Nature.



  1. You said ‘we have learnt our lessons, realised our follies’. The root of the problem is that we never have and, probably, never will. Instead of looking inwards and finding peace within and let nature flourish around us we will, soon after the lockdown is over, wreck vengeance on nature to, in their opinion, set things right.


    1. Thnx for your reply. I guess you are right that we will repeat what we have been doing all these years after we move out of the lockdown. We are ungrateful souls. But a few souls like you and me can inspire the others. Always stay positive and do your bit


  2. Very rightly said. But once things settle down and Corona is out (until next virus wave), we all will start doing what we are best i.e. Polluting the Planet. Its sad but true otherwise we will loose our tag of “Being-Human”


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