Let’s Zoom

We are all experiencing a ‘lockdown’ for the first time ever in our lives. The WHO has instructed social distancing to curb the menace of COVID 19. Invariably everyone is stuck in their homes. The Sapiens are using social media to stay connected. And the Zoom software seems the best viable solution.

I too resorted to Zoom. Afterall, there is no other way to bring the mini-minuscule world to you. Don’t be deceived though. I use the Zoom feature of a camera.

Look at the picture. Take a closer look at the area marked with the circle. And now I use Zoom!!

What do you see? Do you notice the white protrusions? It is the beautiful nest of a minuscule being. The nest was well concealed within the stalks. The question arises how did I notice the nest in the potted plant.

The answer to it is that firstly, I had ample time at hand all thanks to the ‘lockdown’ and secondly, I was certain that there was a reason why Mr. Spider was on vigil. It did seem that he was resting on the blades. But my inquisitiveness lead me to look up and look down. Soon, I saw the nest and figured out that he must have been left behind by Mrs. Spider while she was running errands.

I call my discovery the Durrell effect. Gerald Durrell, the naturalist has brought me closer to nature and its sentient beings. He introduced me to a world I never knew existed around me.

In this period of seclusion, you too go ahead, explore a new world. Use Zoom, the Zoom feature of your camera.

“Make physical connection with Nature while you practice social distancing with Sapiens.”



  1. Thanks Charu dear
    Yes nature fascinates me
    I went for a walk ( we can still go for walks here in This part of Canada)
    It’s my favourite path
    With streams, trees, full of natural beauty
    There are three bridges
    Today the water was in its full force as there were rains

    So much to learn from water
    Patience and then how it can take all the dirt obstacles away when in full force
    Chitra Mausi


    1. If you have read Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, you should be able to relate life with river. He gives all the life’s lesson in accordance with the river. I am glad you are still able to go out.


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