Count your blessings and stay positive!

The world is gripped with the pandemic and there is fear all around. Even I panicked for a day two because my cousin who dines with us, had to be evacuated from Italy. But soon after a trek in the wilderness I was filled with positivity. That’s the power of nature and exercise.

Personally, I feel the best way to stay optimistic is to count your blessings. So, as earlier I started to jot down my blessings. Here are a few of them…

  • the bright and lively sunrise that I witness from my balcony
  • the colourful and enticing flowers blooming in the spring
  • new leaves taking life that are tantalised by the kiss of fresh air
  • the chirping of the birds perched on the trees around
  • the beetles, ants, and other insects scurrying in the nooks and boughs of plants and trees
  • the stray dogs who come for a belly-rub in the afternoon and later in the night demand their grub with all the right
  • the beautiful terrace garden of our house
  • the numerous trees to climb-on and receive the exquisite ‘Tree Therapy’ in these stressful times…absolutely ‘free’!
  • The admins from my trek group who remain upbeat
  • the jungles of Aravallis in the close vicinity of my house
  • the stress free environment in my house inspite of my daughter’s ongoing Board exams
  • my non-studious daughter studying diligently for her exams
  • having dinner with a jing-bang of 10-12 family members everyday…it is a perfect stress buster
  • ample time at hand while the students are not in school
  • getting time to strengthen the bonds with friends and colleagues
  • time to read books that I had stowed away due to paucity of time
  • a brilliant chance to stitch an intricate pattern for the next bedcover
  • a chance to appreciate and thank the medical fraternity and the government for their tireless work in these testing times
  • time to ponder and accept the magnanimity and might of mother Nature
  • my power to chant for the happiness and good heatlh of all the people
  • my decision not to forward any message that creates panic or makes people anxious

Gosh! I am amazed. The list is increasing by leaps and bounds. I am truly the blessed one.

You too, start counting your blessings to stay positive. Let’s beat the monster of Corona virus with our prayers, positivity and caution!!



  1. What a lovely way to be positive in these times of super panick everywhere……yes, we must count our blessings and spend some serene time in nature…..gratitude and sending positive thoughts help tremendously.Dear Charu, stay this way and inspire us all to remain tranquil and peaceful……


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