It’s Time to Redefine Women’s Day

Today, I received numerous Women’s Day messages. I am unable to understand the sanctity of this day…probably I have not lived through the era when the women were suppressed and ill-treated. In the past, some of they were made to realise that they were merely ‘paon ki jutti’! But come to think of it, they had an important role to play in the household.

They took care of the health and happiness of the family. They kept the whole family bound and rooted. The lady of the house suppressed her cries at the cost of keeping her family together. ‘She’ was always available whether in pain or with a smile, for her family!! Ever ready to cook a sumptuous meal for the family members and friends. To feed everyone with the delicacies, to their hearts content!!

The working women of our family. They worked to nourish us with their love!

Having said all this, I do not intend to convey that a woman’s place is only limited to the four walls of a house and she should take-in all injustice meted out to her. I do believe in standing up for ones rights.

My mother has always done a good job within the house and as a dedicated teacher

But the women of today want to prove that they can do all that a man can do! Drink, smoke, party, go out at late hours, wear skimpy and tight clothes (I have not come across men adorning these attires though and that justifies why they do not get lecherous remarks!), being rebellious. Does all this celebrate womanhood…? Is this feminism? Nah!!

Moreover, why do we want to prove that we are a rung higher than the men… Why prove something that’s so obvious! Nature has made us more beautiful and much more empowered than the men. We are the anchors of our homes, we are the architects of the future, we have the capability to increase our tribe and also keep it ‘happy and healthy’. Only the women can cook with all the love and care that makes a man’s heart melt. Why else would the title of ‘Annapoorna’ be bestowed on a lady and not a man?

I am special…I am a mother!

True womanhood would be celebrated when we the Women, celebrate Men’s Day with the same enthusiasm but minus the gifts on either of the days! We do not need materialistic things to make the other one feel special. Let the gifts be replaced with quality time and affection!

The women of a happy household have always been respected and supported by the men in the family! Cheers to them!!

Women are known to be each others arch rivals. When one woman would respect the other woman in her life, be it the infamous mother-in-law or a jealous ‘she’ boss…it would be time to celebrate ‘Women’s Day’!!

The day a woman is able to realise that she is far better and much more mature than a man and she doesn’t have to rebel to prove it, she wouldn’t find the need to celebrate Women’s Day!

Till then…