The taste of freedom…

I have tasted freedom and I felt the urge to experience it once again. I want freedom from thoughts of you, I want freedom from your afflictions, I want to free myself of my dependency on you.

Am I done with you? Do I detest you? Am I angry with you? No…all the answers are in the negative. I am as the saying goes ‘truly, madly, deeply in love with you!!’

Then why do I wish to detach myself from you? Well, I wanna be mentally free. I don’t want to be tied down by the weight of this love affair which will never be vocalised between us. It can never take flight. Why wither away in agony?

Even the thought of your going away is a reason for distress. As though the destiny had snatched away something that was mine. But you are not mine. We can’t be together. Then why go through this rigmarole of love, lust, detachment, agony and pain.

I want detachment….and more than that I want you!!


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