Karamyogi: A biography of E. Shreedharan by M.S. Ashokan

Sreedharan the Metro Man of India!! There is so much to learn from the man who changed the look, thought and pace of Delhi.

– All his working life he had a firm conviction in working 9 to 5: only 8 hours of undisturbed and dedicated productive working hours in the office. Inspite of only 8 working hours, his team was able to deliver the BEST before time.

– Before starting a project, he would spend the max time hiring people. The biggest asset a prospective employee had was his/her integrity, discipline and dedication.

– Even though he handled projects ranging in 4000-5000 crores, neither he nor his corporation has been alleged of corruption.

– He would have weekly meetings with his officials BUT the minutes of the meetings were not documented. He reasoned that it was wastage of time and money. He trusted his colleagues and never found the need to document such meetings.

– He took awards because he wanted to use all the money for charity. He donated it to the fund started in his mother’s name.

Proud of him….!!


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