Fillets of Plaice by Gerald Durrell

It is a memoir written by Gerald Durrell in his classic style. It consists of five tales from all together different times in his life. The first one is the most hilarious where he writes about the Birthday celebration of his mother. The readers who are well acquainted with his whimsically family will connect from the very beginning, embark on a two day journey for the celebration with his family and a few close friends.

The other stories are about the job he picks up while the family is back in London, his experiences while he is in Africa collecting animals. In the next tale he talks about his medical ailment and gives a funny account of how the doctors treat him. The last one is about a girl with whom he falls in love and it becomes a challenge because Ursula, the girl in question is even more weird than his family.

Though the author has tried to give a hilarious accounts in the tales but there is something amiss. I personally feel that the second tale can be enjoyed by only animal lovers. And it is dull as compared to the other stories.

Without going into further details I would like to mention that think before dishing out about 630/-. I am glad that I took the decision to read it on Kindle (which I usually detest) by paying a paltry sum of 105/- for an author like Gerald Durrell.


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