The exquisite pin and thread cards

Here’s a craft I picked up thanks to my father’s passion for indulging himself in craft activities in his spare time. He used to make ‘Nail and Thread’ wall-hangings. He couldn’t stop at 1, 2 or 3!!. When we had enough for our own house, my father made a few more wall-hangings and gifted them to his near and dear ones. When I was old enough for ‘Nail and Thread’, we had no space left to display them. So, I was forced to find an alternative.

Intricate and detailed work – that’s my forte. So I choose greeting cards to carry on this legacy. There was shift from ‘Nail and Thread’ to ‘Pin and Thread’.

Under my father’s guidance I could design the most exquisite patterns for greeting cards. With precision, a needle and a thread…and a few drops of adhesive – I made these exclusive cards. I was no less than a conjurer, who could produce curves with straight lines.

I’ll write no further. It’s time for you enjoy the exclusive art on the greeting cards…

The planning, the graphs
The tools
From the graph to the finished greeting card…
Going in circles.
A reminder of Pyramids
A few more patterns…
Sail to new horizons…and take on the world
The ever charming Lotus
My most treasured possession

So, did you like these pieces of art? Aren’t they exquisite?



  1. Dear Charu
    I remember Vijay Jijaji’s creation when we had seen him in Bangalore

    The round ones remind me of Mandala

    Excellent art
    Please keep up the good work
    Chitra Mausi


  2. आपकी इस कला का प्रशंसक बहुत पहले से हूँ ।आज इस लेख द्वारा यह भी पता चल गया कि यह कला आपकी अमूल्य पैतृक संपत्ति है, जिसमे आपने अपनी सृजनात्मकता से उन्नत किया है।



  3. I still have the treasure’s.
    It’s an art which requires a lot of patience.
    Hope Aanchal can learn it from you someday.


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