Twigs, fallen leaves and crafty me!

I am sure most of you are aware of my love for trees!

I like the big ones and the small ones too.

I adore the ones with the large leaves and the ones that spread their branches far and wide.

I love the ones with fresh, soft new leaves and the ones with the mature, sturdy leaves.

I enjoy the sight of flowering trees and the ones with huge leaves.

I am happy to find a tree that I can climb or a tree that I can embrace!

And I love the towering trees and the fallen ones too!

The fallen twigs challenge the creative streak in me. I rack my brains for ideas that can retain the beauty and originality of the tree and at the same time give it a new look that personifies its elegance.

Presenting here are few projects I did with twigs and leaves…

A bunch of coloured twigs to catch your eye!
Retaining the charm while giving them a new look
Colour me blue-green-red-yellow
Fallen leaves embroidered together.


  1. अपनी सृजनात्मकता के द्वारा प्राकृतिक अलंकारो का अति सूंदर विवरण


  2. Dearest Charu
    I just came back after my walk seeing lovely fall colours in Ontario and beautiful leaves from all colours green, light green, dark green, yellow, orange and red

    I was marvelling at nature’s handicraft and then I see your blog

    You are so creative

    Keep up the good work

    Fall is the time of renewal

    Nature teaches us so much

    Chitra mausi


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