My first car, my first love!

Today is the time to bid farewell to MY A-Star. It was my first car. It was the car that gave me wings. It was the car that gave me my identity.

I went through the most tumultuous time soon after I bought this car. And the car had to take the brunt. I banged it a few times (yes, I accept it. It i s bound to happen when you are devastated) and other times people became the reason for all the dents it bore. The worst was when the rear tyre burst in-the-middle-of-the-road-atop-a-busy-bridge and to add to my agony I wasn’t even carrying my phone. My daughter and me, we were luckily saved and our faith in humanity strengthened because many people stopped by to help us.

As I started picking the threads of my life and regained my confidence, this car helped to venture out, take the National Highways and head to the new destinations without any inhibitions. I drove down from Gurgaon to Meerut and later to Haridwar and Rishikesh and many more places. Rewari, was now as close as my neighbouring market.

It was also the ‘place’ where me and and my daughter shared the quality time while commuting to and fro from the school. While going to the school, it was time to play her choice of songs and on the way back I was allowed to play my favourite . The back seat was invariably strewn with our stuff. That always reminded me of someone’s words, “the back seat is complimentary…so dump your stuff! You won’t be charged extra!!”

Eventually I shifted to Gurgaon and the car gave a reason to bond with the other family members as I ferried them. I would volunteer to drive then around so that I could leave my baggage home and feel free! Like I said…the car gave me wings!! It set me free!!

The pick up of A-Star was amazing for its size. So, I ended up taking all the ‘pangs’ in the world. I could easily steer it in the narrowest of bylanes. Also, driving it at high speeds on NH8 was always exhilarating!! During the monsoon, I drove through every puddle, every pool of water splashing it all around. My daugther would sit with her fingers crossed whenever I drove it through knee deep water.

Memories, memories and memories…associated with MY A-Star! Though I have been driving another car since 4 years but I guess your first car is like your first love…there’s no substitute to the first car!!

Will miss my A-Star…the chota ‘dynamite’…just like meeee!!



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