The charm of paper flowers!

My heart lies in doing craft activities. It the best way to unwind after a stressful day at work. And what better than to make a bunch of flowers. They add colour to the your life and become the reason for a big smile on your face.

Unfortunately I had to give up this hobby because just like humans, the paper flowers are unable to survive the dusty-hazy environment of Gurgaon. I hope to get back asap.

Presenting here, a few flowers I made over the years.

The poppies take on a realistic look

Bird of paradise flower…to brighten up your day!

Fuchsias…one of my favorite flowers

“Celebrating creativity is like giving voice to my inner thoughts”

Morning Glory
Cala Lily

A bunch of Mountain Lilies…don’t they look real!?!



  1. Charu you are blessed with the art of creating craft work and flowers to bring colour in our homes and other interiors…..a truly gifted crafts person…..I have had the privilege of seeing your beautiful lively flowers.They look so real!The magic of your hands, my dear.The ‘bird of paradise ‘ and fuchsias are my favourite.Do restart your creation and make sure more of us get it to bring freshness and brightness in our homes,too !Best Wishes.


    1. Yes auntie, I am blessed with the best of creative skills. I intend to get back to recreate these beauties once again. After reading this blogpost Ma is pestering me to make few more. I will get back to you with more vibrance and colours


  2. These are simply beautiful. This is not only an amazing talent, but a good workout for the brain which will keep you fit for a long time when you are into your old age.
    Dont leave this hobby at any cost. Well done

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    1. Amazing talent or God’s gift! You rightly said that it gives workout to the brain. I wonder when people say that they get bored…I do not have the time to sit idle or watch TV and never a minute to get bored


  3. Such lovely flowers! They look so real. You must never give up your hobbies. They’re always so refreshing. Will certainly like to see more of them.

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  4. Dear Charu
    Incredible art
    You are so talented
    May God bless you
    Thanks for spreading goodness, creativity, beauty and love all around you
    Chitra Mausi


  5. Beautiful… my favorites are the birds of paradise and poppies. You know they will survive here… just saying 😉
    Btw there is a typo in the first line “ It the best way to unwind….”should be “It’s…”


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