Book Review: ‘Let Him Not Sink’ by Samir Parikh

‘Let Him Not Sink’ is a book that we all should read. ‘We’ stands for adults especially those working with children or who have children of their own or around them.

This book is a concise guide to identify any deviation in mental health conditions of a child/young adult and the ways to work on it. Sometimes the best way is to simply guide them to a counsellor or a medical practitioner at the earliest.
The lack of information or knowledge on our part can make the condition go unrecognized and put the child at risk or put the other children at risk who are in close relation to the said child/adolescent/young adult.

This book lists facts, signs and symptoms, causes, identification and ways to deal with the individual and their caregivers who have/may have mental health issues.

Some of the mental health concerns/illnesses listed in this book are
– autism spectrum disorder
– Intellectual disability
– Specific learning disability
– Substance use disorder
– Disruptive behaviour disorders
– Anxiety disorder
– Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder
– Selective mutism
– Trauma and abuse
– Depression, etc.

To be informed is to be empowered and that is the goal towards which this book is directed.

Do read it!!


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