‘Red Birds’ by Mohammed Hanif

I am in love with this book. It’s been a while since I read a book and connected with!!

The book is about wars…not the ‘futility’ of wars but the ‘absurdity’ of wars. No doubt that wars are useless as we are only left with large scale destruction, sorrow and loss on both sides.

The absurdity of wars as this book brings about with wit n satire is funny and tragic at the same time.
* the US bombs a desert country and later sends the aid to show their compassion
* then enters the psychologists in the arena of the war trodden camp to study about life of people after trauma
* the main character bombs the desert…not because he is a patriot but because he wants to stay away from his nagging wife
* the bomber crashes into the desert and enjoys the hospitality of the people he came to bomb
* he marvels at the ruined place and can’t understand how the teenagers here could be a threat to USA
* the bomber has been taught to think about the under-privileged and under nourished who are trying to survive in war-trodden areas to avoid self pity…he hates to have his own kids so he says why would I think about KIDS!!
* the people in the camp themselves, do not want war to end because that would mean the stopping of free rations and material aids from other countries
Wars are preposterous but peace is impossible in this world because it is basic human nature to be selfish and work towards ones own gains!!


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