Typing-writing or writing-typing or wrytyping?

“Today, I was writing my next story.” Hey…wait a minute…

“Did I write the story or did I type the story?” Umm…ya, I was just typing the story.

“And if I was just typing the story then how do I say that I am writing a story?” But…uh, I was indeed writing a story which I typed.

“And if I claim to write the story then why’s the pen missing to pen down the story.” Oh, I didn’t give it a thought that story-pen-write go together.

“If I am penning down the story then why do I have the iPad to type it.” Ya…umm…uh…ya, I had the iPad in my hand, the fingers on the keyboard so I guess you can say I was typing the story.

“Just typing the story, is it? What about the expressions, thoughts and ideas that go into writing a story.” Now, now this is getting out of hands. Write-type-pen-pendown-expression-thoughts-a different story!! What’s this all about?

“What was I exactly doing?” Help me out! Find a new term, a new word to express this complex situation. And since your are at it, I will keep writing-typing my next blog!

Looking forward to your suggestions…



  1. Expression takes many forms…. type, pen down or just smile… all you need to do is let your heart sing! Continue to mesmerise….


  2. Even though I am really keen to help you out of this conundrum, I don’t know whether I should ‘write’ my views or ‘type’ them.
    Will get back to you when I figure this out 🙂


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