The Inner Life of Krishnamurti – Private passion and perennial wisdom by Aryel Sanat

Ever since I was introduced to J Krishnamurti, I have been fascinated by his life. Though I had read only one book prior to this one, I wanted to know more about him. So, I didn’t gv a second thought when I came across this book.

This book has been an eye-opener for me. To the world Krishnamurti or K (as this author addresses him throughout the book) was a renowned philosopher, orator and educator and that’s how even I perceived him. But there was so much more to his private life.

This book accounts his esoteric life, his episodes of hallucinations and out-of-body experiences. He accepted, though not openly, that he was just a body/medium/ vehicle being used by the Masters to deliver their messages to the world. He was been equated to the likes of Gautama Buddha, Christ and Maitreya. The people close to him have witnessed him when he was going through ‘the Process’ to be prepared as a vehicle of the Masters.

This book made me aware of terms like theosophy, clairvoyance, Masters, kundalini, perennial philosophy, occult, Chinese energy wisdom, mutation, spontaneous awakening, etc. I had to pick the dictionary, make notes and yet I continued because I was intrigued by his world…by a world I knew existed but I could never acknowledge. We are conditioned to see black and white but there are shades of grey infact the shades of grey dominate the world.

The book has few teachings or rather words of Krishnamurti but largely it enumerates the experiences of this great personality who was called the manifestation of Buddha or Christ. How he was ‘discovered’ by a theosophist because he had an aura around him. ‘The Process’ he went through, later his detachment from any religious or occult society. The emergence of ‘Krishnamurti’…a theory/ an individual/ an unmatched life which can’t be described in words.

To end this review, Ks words in the book:
“I wanted to find out what was meant by taking of a vehicle by the World-Teacher, and what meant by His manifestation in the world. I am going to be purposely vague, because although I could quite easily make it definite, it is not my intention to do so. Because once you define a thing it becomes dead. If you make a thing definite you are trying to give an interpretation which in the minds of others will take a definite form and hence they will be bound by that form from which they will have to liberate themselves”


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