‘Rosy is my Relative’ by Gerald Durrell

Are you feeling down and out? Do you need an antidote to boredom? Or would you like to enjoy a riot of laughter in the quiet corner or your house? And are you an animal lover? If the answer to any one of the questions is in the affirmative, then don’t think twice, pick up the book ‘Rosy is my Relative’, find a quiet corner and read on!! A quiet corner is most important because when you start to giggle all by yourself you are bound to make people raise an eyebrow.

The novel is set the later part of 19th century Britain. So the canvas of the story is visited by people from aristocracy; Lord and Lady Fenneltree, Sir Augustus, Sir Magnus the people from the ‘hunt’ and many more. They are admiringly confused and humorous.

But the most astonishing character is Rosy, the elephant, who has a penchant for liquor. Yup, Rosy the elephant has an unquenchable thirst for liquor. She has been left behind to Adrian Rookwhistle, by an uncle. Adrian’s life had never failed to be topsy-turvy and it became dramatic with the entry of Rosy, the liquor fan relative.

Adrian sets forth a journey with Rosy in tow through the countryside, in the hope to give her away to a circus 🎪. On his way, he meets these funny people who liven up your life with their characteristics traits and Gerald Durrell’s humorous narration of events that unfold as Rosy and Adrain spread chaos in the otherwise peaceful countryside. They end up in the courtroom, to tickle your funny bone, make you giggle and witness the funny proceedings of the courtroom.

Rosy is my relative is indeed a delightful read! Go ahead read this novel and have a hearty laugh!!


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