Love and Rage by Nupur Dhingra Paiva

I have mixed feelings about this book. I had ordered this book in haste because I was looking for answers or rather quick fixes to deal with my ‘teenage’ daughter.

I was at a fix. There were times when I felt that an ‘alien’ was living with me in place of my daughter. Funny…and yet not so funny!!

I ordered this book thinking that it had case studies and ways to deal with children. But when I started reading I realised that I did not find answers…something I was desperately looking for!!

The book has essays/write-ups/well researched articles. She has given insights on matters like bedtime, breast feeding, anxiety, fathers,divorce, etc. through her own practice as a psycho therapist. But as a psychology student I found the writer to be self-indulgent and trying to steer the reader towards her perspective of the emotional trauma or problems dealt by people. It lacked objectivity. The writer herself has struggled due to her parents’ divorce, an indifferent mother and her own shy nature. No doubt her book is unpretentious and I loved it for that. It takes a lot of grit to share your personal life. 
So…the mixed feeling about the book…!!


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