Blogging: a spiritual experience!!

Ever since I started my own blog…

✏️ my reading speed has slowed down; I try to savour every word and encase it my ‘mindful’ list of words to be explored and used in my writings.

✏️ I learnt to use new virtual tools; these tools assisted me to showcase my writing skill in an aesthetic way with additional information.

✏️I am learning to explore; explore new ideas, new thoughts, new words, new ways of presenting my blogs.

✏️ I have become more observant of my surroundings; I pause, I observe even the minutest detail of things that transpire around me.

✏️ I breathe in the smell, if not the fragrance of every event; yes, there is a fragrance, odour, aroma associated with each sentient being, with every event, with every thing around…don’t you think so!?!

✏️ I have become more mindful; whenever I pause, I reflect!

✏️ Every moment, every experience has become spiritual; because it now concerns about deep thoughts, feelings and emotions!

✏️I am giving voice to my inner feelings; and that’s the reason I had the most tumultuous times in the last 6 months…I was jolted, shaken but not beaten 😋

✏️ I have learnt to take criticism with a smile, analyse and improve; earlier ‘criticism’ meant ‘shutting myself in the Cancerian shell’.

✏️ I have interacted with numerous people, touched their hearts, was elated to bring them closer to the nature.

And yet one thing remains unchanged. I don’t write what is socially acceptable.

I write what I like!! 😊🤩😊



  1. Dear Charu

    To be alive means to be spiritual

    People may not know it

    We are all so closely connected with one another

    Beautifully written
    Chitra Mausi


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