My date with the ‘banyan tree’

This Sunday we ventured into the wilderness to find a new trail. The humid weather was working as a deterrent. We saw this banyan tree at a distance. My fellow trekkers are well aware of my passion to climb trees…they took upon themselves the task to find a trail to reach the tree. Though the way was treacherous, we made it.

“Love is like a tree, it grows of its own accord, it puts down deep roots into our whole being.”

Victor Hugo.

The banyan tree had a captivating presence. I was enthralled. It must have stood there for eons…providing the rich oxygen and binding the soil and the creatures with it magnanimous spirit.

After surrendering to its opulence, I approached to embrace it. It reciprocated. How do I know that…? They do have a language…and I am becoming proficient in it with each embrace, each climb.

Climbing the tree at just one spot wasn’t enough. The sweat had drained me out but this benevolent tree energised me. A fellow trekker remarked, “I can see the sparkle in you eyes. You look so happy!” I climbed it at few more spots and spent time in its lap.

We spent some more time under its shade, listening to the birds sing and then set out on the return journey.

Was my hunger to climb the tree satiated…nah!! 

Are my eyes still sparkling…nah!! They are now charged up to ‘twinkle’!

Do I feel rejuvenated…nah!! It’s much more…I am pulsating with positive energy!!

..p.s.: in my excitement to embrace the tree, I forgot to capture the entire tree in one frame.


12 thoughts on “My date with the ‘banyan tree’

  1. Wow… Excellent write up from the bottom of heart.
    To be with Mother Nature is always the best humans can have.


  2. Amazing write up… Away from the contaminated city, spending some time in the lap of beautiful nature and that too so close by…what else one can wish for?


  3. Wow! What a divinely beautiful rendezvous with the banyan tree.It must have been a very lively bonding…..the connect must have been so overpoweringly real physically , emotionally and spiritually !!! Brought back memories of my childhood spent Climbing trees in Digboi,Assam.


  4. Great Write Up👍👌
    You are really connected with Mother Nature in all ways—physically – adventurous/bold
    Emotionally-in love with nature and Spiritually getting double charged.
    Great Inspiration for all Nature lovers – – to explore Nature deeply like you – – very nice Charu 🌲🌴🌿👍☺️


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