GurUgram…the city of ‘U’ turns

Gurgaon to Gurugram…we have all witnessed the change in the name about an year back. It is still in our short term memory. Whenever we debate it in our mind to go with Gurgaon or Gurugram…the inner voice says “की फ़र्क़ पेयंदा है!” We try to shove the matter into the long term memory, after all की फ़र्क़ पेयंदा है! and move on…

The matter is dumped and off we go for a leisure ride in the car just because there is nothing else to do! And a car ride for leisure or an important task at hand, is sure to give you the clarity…whether to stick around with Gurgaon or go by Gurugram. Drive से Gurgaon के नाम का क्या connection हो सकता है!

Yup, the roads and the name Gurugram have a connection. Since the name “Gurgaon” received the coveted additional ‘U’ in its name and became Gurugram, the city has witnessed an increase in the ‘U turns’ on its roads.

You have ventured out in the car, driven a few kilometres and notice that there is some additional activity on the road…a sense of callousness is apparent! As you approach the spot and pause for a moment just like the others to figure out, “यहाँ से road बंद क्यों कर दी?” Obviously the next thought that brims in your mind is “अब यहाँ से कहाँ जाना है!” But even before that thought surfaces, there is redistribution of the energies in the brain and you mumble out, “एक और ‘U turn’ बना दिया होगा!!” And yup, you are ready to manoeuvre yet another ‘U’ turn in GurUgram.

If your destination is just a ‘U’ turn away and you embark on the task of taking the formidable curve, you will see a sea of eyes sneering at you from the opposite side. The ones taking the straight road are daunted by the presence of these additional vehicles. Rather than making way for themselves, the drivers on either side try to block the others. They are transported back to their world of virtual games and invariably give a tough time to the opponent. कुछ मज़ा सा आ जाता है…try करके देखना! 😋

The major roads of the city have to be traversed with caution because each one is laden with…you again got it right…a few ‘U’ turns. They pop-up within the close vicinity of the previous one. The ‘U’ turn becomes the activity hub. It creates commotion, chaos and confusion and endless delays. The seemingly sensible but ruthless drivers manoeuvre their vehicles to either take the ‘U’ turn or go way past it. Whatever your path…’U’ turn से बचने का कोई उपाय नहीं है!

I have driven my car in a multitude of cities across many states but GurUgram seems to be the only city where the ‘U’ turns are increasing by leaps and bounds. Near every major intersection of roads…साथ में होगा एक प्यारा सा ‘U’ turn! The complete traffic is diverted to the ‘U’ turn. Though the intersection has a perfect straight metaled road, gleaming and glistening in the sweltering heat of northern India but it is blocked for the commuter…to justify the extra ‘U’ in…you got it right…in GurUgram.

Many a times I have been tempted to challenge the authorities and go past the barricade but then my mind warns me पानी में रहकर मगरमच्छ से बेर करने का कोई फ़ायदा नहीं! Let’s accept it I have to reside in GurUgram, the newly christened city of ‘U’ turns!



  1. Very interesting. I had never observed this U turn theory so keenly but now i could visualize those ubiquitous U turns. Nice Charu


  2. Humorous article with of course a lot of sarcastic yet funny lines. Authorities dont recognise the impact of U turns but people are dealing with it every now and then.


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