Solitude is peaceful,

Solitude is beautiful,

Solitude leads to new discoveries,

Solitude is the path to reach inner most depths,

Thus, Solitude is so Alive and pulsating with boundless energy!!

Solitude is what connects me to me…

The ‘Vibrant Summer World’!!

To escape the sweltering heat of Northern India, each one of us is trying to hide in the nook and crannies of our homes, switch on the ACs and stay away from the high temperatures. Most kids and people end up being couch potatoes.

But are you aware that this heat is the energy source for life to thrive, trees to grow, flowers to bloom and also becomes a perfect incentive for the insects to carry on with their daily chores. If you can’t believe my words, come out of your comfort zones and take a look around. The spring is long gone and yet there are flowers blooming on Gulmohar, Jarul, Pride of India, Amaltas, Bougenville, Mogra, and numerous other trees.

Yes, I am always in awe of the nature and its ways to support various forms of life…the sentient beings, in the harshest of conditions and teaching us a few life-lessons through them…

I am bringing this beautiful and colourful ‘vibrant summer world’ closer to you through my photographs. I am sure after glancing through, you’ll also be tempted to experience them yourself. Take a look around, soak in the different colours that the nature has smeared on its palette just for you, spend time in the ‘vibrant summer world‘, let the heat mingle with your aura, tantalise your senses and make you feel alive!!

Happy ‘vibrant summer world‘ to you too!!


Amaltas…the grand chandeliers

Tesu ke phool…adding vibrance
Bougenvilles’ many shades
Pride of India…adding shades of purple
Gulmohar glowing because of the heat
The fragrant flowers
Ma’s potted plants
Jarul blooming in the sweltering heat
A few more flowers out there: Kaner, pumpkin, kareel, etc.
…not to miss my favourite colour, Green!

The pilgrimage!!

The English dictionary defines ‘pilgrimage’ as a journey to the sacred place. So I won’t be wrong in saying that today I went on a pilgrimage to the newly constructed National War Memorial in New Delhi.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-21 at 1.08.08 PMI call my journey a pilgrimage because here, in the memorial, my father’s name has been inscribed for eternity along with numerous soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice for their motherland and attained martyrdom. His name has gone down the annals of military history.

This place is sacred because it holds name of heroes who embodied the spirit of ‘Service before self’! This place is as pious as a temple, a church, a gurudwara or a mosque. It has the fragrance of supreme sacrifice for a larger cause above oneself or one’s own family. It has the purity of thought, the thought of holding one’s motherland much higher in the rung…much above your own mother. It has the calm that settles after a tempest has past… In the stillness of this memorial you tend to look inwards and introspect the purpose of your own life and realise that our lives are incomplete till we work for a bigger goal and strive for others.

The walls inscribe the of name of men in uniform who laid down their lives for the nation so that it can progress unhindered. Each plaque, each name has a story of valour and courage to its credit. Has any holy book held these many hymns on brave men who gave actual proof of their fearlessness in the event of adversity befallen upto their motherland? This memorial is a saga of far more stories than any epic can tell! And mind you, these are not merely stories…these were lives well-lived and graciously sacrificed.

With every plaque there are also numerous stories associated with losses of mothers, fathers, wives, children, brothers and sisters. And yet these plaques are a testimony of the grit, determination and patriotism of these folks who send out their men to fight for the nation.

This place is indeed the most sacred place for every Indian. So, lets all rise above our own religions and make the pilgrimage to this humble shrine that crystallizes the valour and sacrifices of our brave soldiers and pay homage to them!!

Jai Hind!!

The goodness of being good!!

This year Class 12 Board results were declared all of a sudden…We were in school and there was a surge of excitement in the air. Some of my colleagues started calling their friends n relatives to know the results of their near and dear ones!

And I, on the other hand, got 4 missed calls from a student…noticed them when I picked my phone just before the dispersal of students. I was intrigued and somehow called him back immediately. The words he spoke are etched in my mind for eternity, “Ma’am I have secured an unbelievable 84% in boards and the credit goes to you!

Yes, I teach students from only the primary wing and I do not take any tuition, so how was I instrumental in the result of a class 12 student? Well, this young adult was with me when he was a naughty little boy in class 3. I was his class teacher then and probably taught him Maths till class 5. Yes, he was one of my favourite students. Later, we stayed connected through ‘fb’ and met once in a while in school.

Around mid-Feb this year, by a matter of chance or you might say destiny, I came to know that he was barely passing in his pre-boards and that he had lost interest in academics. I was shocked to hear this because I knew him to be a child who was above average in studies. I decided to talk to him and help him whatever way I could.

We barely had 40 odd days to prepare and perform well in exams. I spoke to him and his parents. I understood his mental blocks and got down to work immediately. I insisted that he made his own work schedules, did written practice and talked it out whatever was stopping him from giving in his best. Very reluctantly he started with written revisions and started posting his notes in my whatsapp window, sometimes into the wee hours. And later, for a few days he broke every promise and didn’t write or report at all. I stepped back but always kept him in my prayers and gave him the power to decide about the course of action to be taken in future. Surprisingly, he always chose to work under my guidance. Maybe the reason was that I had not given up on him and had faith in his potential.

The days flew away in a jiffy. With the efforts that I saw him putting in, I was confident that he would easily clear his boards. The exams were over and I got busy with my life and a new session in school.

I almost forgot about him…and then one fine day those 4 missed calls…84% and the acknowledgement that I made the difference…it has given me a high and boosted my morale! I celebrated the occasion and why not…this event has helped to reinstate my faith that a good deed done is never lost!! 

The eternal bond I form with my kids...
The eternal bond I form with my kids…