Green, green, green…I love the greens!!

The trees in the vicinity are sprouting with new leaves. They are flaunting the baby leaves with pride and elan. I want to go out…armed with my camera to capture the numerous shades of green that one gets to witness during this season. But honestly speaking, can a few pictures do justice to this grand show of the nature? It seems that Mother Nature waves her magical wand and lo and behold…the new leaves start popping on each branch of every tree.

Spring it up in the spring
Hues of green

Can a camera capture the ‘riot of greens’? The mint green leaves peeping from behind the Banyan tree. The reddish green on mango trees… They set on a journey from red to dark green; when the green leaves would adorn our houses on auspicious occasions. The hues of green on a peepal tree – in the process of shedding old leaves to make way for the new ones. And the pear green leaves springing up on a semul tree. The aqua green leaves on Ashok tree. The opaque greens on Jhijheri tree catch my eyes. The opulent Kadam tree flaunting its new, yet sturdy greens leaves complimenting its strong structure. The plush green leaves on a neem tree gleaming in the soft spring sun…Oh I love the Greens!!

And then there is this tree in the garden that has gleaming new leaves in the shades of lime green. And right next to it what do I notice? The tree with leaves in shades of brown, so delicate and translucent, a gentle touch could hurt them and yet they withstand the ruthless winds; and with the passage of time they slowly move from brown to join ‘Club Green’. And then there are these shy baby leaves sprouting slowly… like a new born baby that has still not given up pink.

I try and satiate my hunger for greens when I take a stroll in the park, drive to the workplace, visit a friend in the neighbourhood or trek in the Aravallis. These newbies, these young leaves are all around. They are a welcome change in the concrete jungle. They are also a reminder that all is not lost…the nature can still revive its lost glory…just with a wave of the Magical Wand!!

Green, green, green…I am in love with the numerous shades of Green!!


Wow…my daughter begins her ‘Board’ Year!!

9D22C94C-E919-48FD-98BC-570DCFE6F7CA.jpegYup! My daughter is in class Tenth now. Grown up, confident and a sensible girl or rather a mature, rebellious but affectionateteenager. We all remember her either as the tiny toddler or the sweet adolescent and wonder when did she grow up to be in class X. Time flies…and yes it did fly away because I didn’t have to care much for her. She has been that responsible, meticulous and wise girl…a little too mature for her age! Cooking, baking, and taking on the other chores of the house…thankfully!!

And as she enters class 10, she would probably do more of such things…I mean I will ensure that she leads a normal life…away from the stress of ‘Boards’ because I personally feel that we create the paranoia of ‘boards’ just as we create the paranoia for drinking milk since infant days of a child. Appearing in Board exams is just the same as giving regular exams.

Infact I am happy that she has entered a class where she will be more focused on studies. The school will ensure that for me. The co-curricular activities will reduce to a large extent and there would be replaced with activities related to academics. (I know that she will be disappointed because her heart lies in the world away from academics.) There will be ample revisions of the syllabus. Through pre-boards she will improve on her score and do well in boards though not necessarily as per the societal norms.

I hope that more parents think like me and do not create unnecessary pressure for their kids. Let’s change our mindset so that they are able to enjoy this memorable year. Our calm and composed disposition will help them to be at ease…rebel less…and focus more!!

I repeat…”Wow, my daughter has boards this time…she’ll revise her syllabus so many times that she is bound to excel in BOARDS!!”

My gratitude list…

Every day is a blessing… Infact ever moment seems like a blessing when I see it with wonder in my eyes and gratitude in my heart!

Here’s my (ever increasing) list of the everday wonders for which I pay my gratitude…

  • The mesmerizing sunrise
  • my cup of coffee
  • the warm embrace of my daughter
  • the care of my mother
  • unwinding at dinner time
  • the support and love of a huge family
  • a flock of birds pecking in my balcony
  • the stray dogs who come upto me for ‘a bite of malai wala paratha’ or a belly-rub
  • the smiling face of my students
  • their innocence that touches my heart
  • the joy of car-pool
  • trek in the Aravallis and the camaraderie with fellow trekkers
  • the bliss of tree climbing…then posting pictures to tease the others!!
  • my bunch of close-friends
  • the calm of Buddhism
  • the warmth of the people around
  • my creative streak…or my ability to create!
  • My daughter in the kitchen…admirable
  • Her neat notebooks…
  • my willingness to work for others
  • My overflowing bookshelf
  • My art supplies
  • Colours
  • Chanting
  • A phone-call
  • Moonlight
  • Greenery…esp. the translucent baby leaves with numerous shades of green during spring season
  • My brilliantly messed-up brain
  • Patience…the latest development

Take inspiration and start with your ‘gratitude list’ or ‘the everyday wonder list’ to pep up your mundane life. Believe me, it is the life changing phenomenon. And when you are ready with your list…like a Good Samaritan inspire others to change their lives….simple!!